Locally Owned Business in Iowa or Illinois? 50% Discount for 12 Month Campaign!

May 2022 Edition #997 | On Stands May 5 | Reserve by Apr 27
June 2022 Edition #998 | On Stands Jun 2 | Reserve by May 25
July 2022 Edition #999 | On Stands Jun 30 | Reserve by Jun 22
August 2022 Edition #1000 | On Stands Aug 4 | Reserve by Jul 27
September 2022 Edition #1001 | On Stands Sep 1 | Reserve by Aug 31
October 2022 Edition #1002 | On Stands Sep 29 | Reserve by Sep 29
November 2022 Edition #1003 | On Stands Nov 3 | Reserve by Oct 26
December 2022 Edition #1004 | On Stands Dec 8 | Reserve by Nov 30

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Customers and families are looking for options more than ever from service and product providers, especially locally owned businesses and organizations.

The Reader is extending the following pricing discounts for locally-owned businesses and not-for-profit organizations that commit to a 12 month frequency agreement.


This means the following for your monthly pricing and ad sizes:

Ad Size1 MonthPer Month for 12 Months
Full Page1434717
3/4 Page1193597
Jr. Page981491
Half Page824412
3/8 Page700350
1/3 Page619310
1/4 Page494247
1/6 Page356178
1/8 Page292146
*Pricing available for Camera Ready to specs. $100 1X charge to build your custom ad suitable for use online, fliers, table tents, posters, etc. No further discounts beyond 50%.

PLUS: We have new ad sizes with slightly larger dimensions, so you get even more space to tell your story and share your message and brand.

Contact Todd McGreevy at 563-650-0120 or ads@rcreader.com to reserve your space today!