The 2015 Fall Guide is approaching!

The 2014 Fall GuideThe Reader’s Quarterly Guides are the keys to the culture in the Quad Cities.

Over 1,400 events from live music and theater to museums and health classes to sporting events and lectures to art exhibits and festivals in an easy to read, organized compendium, covering September, October, and November. If it’s happening in the QCs this fall, you’ll find it in the Fall Guide.

Browse the 2015 Summer Guide here.

2015 Summer Family Fun Guide

The Reader’s seasonal Kids’ Calendar is HUGE, and we’re pleased to partner with KWQC to help promote the Family Fun Guide within the Reader Summer Guide to showcase all the great things for kids and families to do in the Quad Cities throughout summer.

Maximize your presence with three months of advertising in a single comprehensive issue.

17,500 copies of the September 3 issue will be picked up at over 800 locations throughout the Quad Cities. An additional 4,500 overrun copies will be picked up throughout the rest of fall via re-distribution. Click here to see our distribution list.2015 Fall Press Run = 22,000

Reserve space by August 26 – Published September 3

2015 Fall Guide Rates

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